Ars Moriendi is here!

Ars Moriendi is here!
It’s been 2 years since we decided to start recording “Ars Moriendi”. Many things have happened along the way. 12 songs, some of them have more than 6 years of life, that’s why today we are very happy to launch Ars moriendi.
Ars Moriendi will be delivered to all the patrons who have contributed in the verkami, we will contact all of you to manage the delivery in a personalized way.

For all those who could not collaborate with the Verkami project, you can also get your copy in CD or Vinyl format, just like the t-shirts, you just have to contact us through any social network or through our website:

If you prefer the digital format, the disk is also available on all platforms: skin + of + cecile

We want to thank all of you who have collaborated to make this a reality.